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Work Conditioning

Work conditioning uses strength training, exercise, and stretching techniques to improve physical conditioning and restore function. In many cases, workers lack the physical ability to perform their jobs efficiently. This lack of strength and endurance can decrease productivity and lead to serious injury to themselves and others including: back strains, knee injuries, tears to the ACL or rotator cuff, and much more.

Our individualized programs vary depending on the level of the patient’s deficiencies and the specific demands of the job, and it’s functions. We begin with an initial evaluation to gather a baseline of information to more easily track progress and goals.

Our Work Conditioning programs

Our programs are catered to the individual and the work they do, but will always have a focus on the entire body to ensure complete health and improve function. We are committed to workers returning to the job fast, safely, and with full effectiveness while providing continual support to ensure increased productivity and a healthy lifestyle.

Our intensive program is goal-orientated to give the worker the strength and endurance they need to return to work with confidence. We serve patients who are recuperating from injuries and surgeries whether it is job-related or not. During your initial evaluation, we will gather baseline data about your specific physical abilities and limitations.

With this information, we can accurately track your progress and help you better attain the goals necessary to become and stay an effective member of your work team. If you are an employer or employee with questions about work conditioning, call our office today and schedule an appointment with a licensed physical therapist to find out how we can assist you.

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