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We offer individualized treatment plans based on your physician’s recommendations, our evaluations, and your feedback. Most post-operative and pre-operative rehabilitation programs follow specific protocols focusing on treatment interventions with individualized goals to train the patient to the highest level of strength, mobility, and function.

Our programs consist of a variety of treatment options to best suit the needs of our patients. Each program is unique to the patient to ensure that they receive the best possible care with a fast and safe recovery.

Our skilled staff is trained to work on a large variety of procedures including:

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative

Our focus when making an individualized post-operative therapy plan, is to decrease pain and recovery time as much as possible. We make our treatment plans to give the best success to recovery while focusing on strengthening and stretching techniques that will prevent future injuries.

Many times, doctors recommend pre-operative therapy to their patients. If you have been referred for pre-operative therapy or you just want to ensure the best success rate prior to a procedure, we have the experience needed to make the perfect plan for you.

When you are facing any procedure, we encourage you to call and set up an appointment with a licensed physical therapists as soon as possible. We can sit down with you before your operation and go through the recovery process with you so that you know exactly what you are facing. You can rest assured that no matter what procedure you are having you will not face recovery alone, we are here to help you every step of the way. To find out more about our other specialized services, please select an option below:

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