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Manual Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is a form of physical therapy that is delivered with hands instead of a device or machine. In manual therapy, therapists use their hands to manipulate joints and put pressure on muscle tissue in order to decrease pain, increase mobility, and attempt to overcome muscle tension and joint dysfunction.

Because manual therapy is a less known treatment, many physical therapy practices don’t spend the time necessary to train and implement a solid manual physical therapy program. At Toepperwein Physical Therapy & Spine Rehab, our therapists have the latest training and education necessary to provide you with a complete physical therapy program including manual therapy. We do this for one simple reason; to get you better faster.

What does Manual Therapy treat?

We use manual therapy to treat acute and chronic conditions for various areas of the body including the head, neck, arms, legs, and back. In general, manual physical therapy is used to relax muscles, increase circulation, and break up scar tissue to ease pain in the soft tissues. Manual phsyical therapy has proven effective for patients suffering from neuro-musculoskeletal disorders when used in conjunction with exercise and movement re-education programs.

We recommend manual physical therapy if you have joint, muscle, or soft tissue conditions that affect the strength, movement, posture, or is causing any pain. To learn more about manual therapy, we encourage you to call and set up an appointment with one of our licensed therapist at our San Antonio physical therapy center. We can help you identify what treatments and practices are best suited to your specific needs and assist you in making a plan for living a full and pain-free life.

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