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Sports Medicine

Our staff works with a large variety of people of all different ages from several athletic and sports backgrounds. We work with high school athletes, college athletes, as well as professional athletes. Regardless of the level, we treat all athletes with the same level of quality, care, and work hard to ensure that their level of play is not diminished through our sports medicine therapy programs.

Programs for Sports Medicine

We work to assist improving performance while recovering from sport-related injuries. Regardless if you play at a recreational or professional level, we treat all our patients with the same high level of one-on-one care and focus on returning you to the level of play you were at pre-injury.

Our skilled staff are trained to work on a large variety of procedures including:

We work with our patients to create programs that are directly related to the demands of their specific sport. We are dedicated in providing the environment and techniques needed to obtain a fast and full recovery while giving you the tools you need gain a physical edge on the competition and bring you to the next level of play. Many times, doctors recommend pre-operative therapy to their patients. If you have been referred for pre-operative therapy or you just want to ensure the best success rate prior to a procedure, we have the experience needed to make the perfect plan for you.

Our proven sports medicine therapy programs will improve motion and mobility, reduce pain without medications and can even help athletes avoid surgeries. Our expert therapists will work with you to ensure that the program is working fast and effectively to best suit your needs. Please call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help improve your athletic ability.

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